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LADUE National Honor Society
Instructions for Applying

  • Go to the Ladue Horton Watkins Website. Look for the National Honor Society Symbol.
  • Click on “Student Activity Sheet”. This should connect you to the Activity Sheet.
  • Click on “Instructions for Submission”
  • Type your name (last name, first name, middle) and graduation year in the space provided.
  • Type an “X” in the space to certify that all information provided is accurate and conforms to the guidelines of the Ladue Honor Code.
  • Be sure to include information concerning the time commitment with each activity.
  • Feel free to add additional lines to the tables for “School Activities”, “Community Activities” or “Honors or Awards”.
  • You MUST save your activity sheet with the following file name: Grade Last Name First Name. For example, 10th grader Robin Ventura would be 10 Ventura Robin
  • Attach the saved activity sheet to an email with the subject line the same as your saved activity sheet using your ladueschools.net email account to nhs@ladueschools.net by 7:40 am on March 4, 2013. Activity sheets shared later will not be considered.
  • Add your email address on the cc line. After you send your email , check you account and download and open your activity sheet to make sure everything went smoothly.